Whether in rock, ice or mixed terrain – the alpinist loves three things above all on her first ascents: It has to be steep, far away from any civilization and very long, preferably a bigwall, where she has to spend the night halfway up the wall. This is how the emotional, alpine all- rounder describes her fascination with extreme mountaineering.

And she is extremely successful at it. At 16, almost on the summit of the highest mountain in South America, the Aconcagua (6961m), at 20 a member of the first women’s expedition team of the German Alpine Club, at 24 the first free ascent of the notorious Cerro Torre by an all female team, in between many ascents of the classic north faces of the Alps on difficult routes, numerous first ascents/climbs and expeditions in India, South Africa, Alaska, Canada, Chile and Argentina – an alpine workload that is unparalleled at such a young age. She has done mountaineering, climbing and skiing expeditions and sometimes combines those disciplines. Recently she also started paragliding.

Above all, her versality on the mountain and her positive mental atitude are her strengths. That’s why Caro moved to her beloved adopted country, Switzerland, at an early age. There she found her perfect alpine playground and earned her degree in geo- and environmental sciences at the University of Lausanne along the way. Since 2019 she is one of the few Swiss female mountain guides.

Expeditions and travels

2020Rock’n’Road through Switzerland with Ines Papert
2019Fall: Yosemite, Zion, Indian Creek
Expedition into the Indian Himalaya; Kashmir, attempt of first ascent on Arjuna, Kishtwar Shivling
Summerexpedition to el Chalten, Patagonia
2018Sailing Expedition to Antartica
Expedition into the Indian Himalaya Arjuna (6300m), attempt of first ascent
Canada BC First ascent of Crouching Tiger
Alaska Ice and Rock First Ascents and Ski descent of a steep Couloir in the Juneau Area
Summerexpedition to Patagonia with first ascentof over 30 new Granit lines in Frey
2017Winterexpedition to Patagonia Ice, mixed climbing and ski alpinism
2016Expedition to the Kishtwar Himalaya, India with Cristobal Señoret Zobeck and Max Didier, first Ascent of Monte Iñaki (5300m), Arista de los sueños 7a, 700m
2015Expedition to the Garwhal Himalaya, India with Anne-Gilbert Chase and Jason Thompson, opening attempt on Nilkantha (6596m)
Climbingexpedition to el Chalten, Patagonia with Christina Huber:
first all female free ascent of Cerro Torre, (Ragni 600m, 90° M4)
Chiaro di Luna (6b+, 750m), St Exupéry
Comesaña-Fonrouge, (30°, 6b+, 400m) Guillaumet
2014Girls Rocking South Africa, climbing/roadtrip through South Africa with several first ascents 2014 Cochamo first Ascent Expedition with Laure Batoz and Elise Maillot
1st Ascent of Todo Cambia (5.11+, 450m), Pared del Tiempo
2013Final Expedition of the womens expedition team of the German alpine club (DAV Expeditionskader) to the Garwhal Himalaya First Ascent: Left Rebbit Ear, Cathedral, Poit Lilliput, Punta Alaia
Climbing Expedition el Chalten, Patagonia with Yvonne Koch:
La voie des Bénitiers (6c C1, 400m), El Mocho
Klettertren (90°, M5/6, A0, 450m), Guillaumet, First ascent with Iñaki Coussirat and Carlos Molina
Climbingexpedition to El Chaltén, Patagonia together with Laure Batoz:Brenner-Moschioni (300m, 30°, 6b), Aguja Guillaumet
Attempt on the Ragni Route up to 80m below the summit, Cerro Torre Affanasieff, (1550m, 30° 6a+), Fitz Roy
2012Iran Frewall Expedition (Girls team): Freeing pitches up to 7b of the Hamedan Route on Alamkuh (4800m), 7 First Ascents up to 4 pitches, 7a together with Nasim Eshqui
2011Girls- Climbingexpedition to Albania, 6 girls opening a 20pitch route on Arapi (Climbing and cultural expedition from the youth of the German Alpine Club)
Participation at the First Ascent Climbing Festival, Armenia
2008Aconcagua Expedition, Argentinia


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