2 Girls in Patagonia 2013 28/02/2013

Together with Laure Batoz I went on my first trip to Patagonia in 2013. two young girls going for a big adventure ;).
Tha adventure already started at the airport in Buenos Aires with one of our 4 bags being stuck in Rome. We continued our travel to el Chalten and from then on had uncountable phone calls from the Chalten phone cabins trying to get our bag to Patagonia. It seemed impossible, but then a week later it suddenly showed up and we climbed our first summit: Aguja Guillaumet.

After some rest and bad weather days another weather window showed up and we started the long approach to the west face of Cerro Torre.
We had to turn around just 3 pitches before the top and the whole way back I just kept thinking about this amzing mountain…

But once in the village there was not much time to think because the next good weather window was approaching. We just had enough time to drive to Calafate (there was not enough service to change them in el Chalten) and change our flight tickets before heading back into the mountains.
This time hiking to the backside of Fitz Roy to climb the Affanasieff. The longest route on Fitz Roy. We found lots of snow on the route and tricky conditions that made us bivy a couple of times. But finally we reached the summit of fitz Roy an rappeled down through the night.

What an amazing first trip to Patagonia!


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